9-Reel Slots

Slots come in all shapes, sizes, and genres. But there are a few slots that are not only worth playing but offer lucrative value. These are the 9-Reel Slots you can play at our US casinos. What separates 9-reel slots from other slot games is the way it is configured. Although it may resemble a 3-reel slot machine, the difference is that each reel spins independently from the others and usually features 8 pay lines. Think of it as a tic-tac-toe game on steroids with the added bonus of being able to win on all lines not just the typical horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. To this end, Ladies Slots would like to feature some of the more popular 9-reel slots featured at our US casinos. Needless to say, we know you will enjoy playing these slot games as much as you enjoy the classic ones.