Discover the World of Online Casino Slots

If you haven't yet joined the millions of gamer playing slots online, I have just one question for you: where have you been? Maybe you're like many, and you wanted to give it a go but you've been a little intimidated by the number of choices there are online. Well have no fear; here is your crash course in what the world on casino slot games has to offer.

Get Started

Did you know that there are now lots of choices for players in the United States? Casinos like Liberty Slots Casino have no restrictions for US players and you can play VIP slots from most states. Maybe you want to play from a computer that's not your own, don't worry all of these casinos offer a no download option. Just sign up and you can play instantly! It's that easy. There's really no reason to wait anymore; come on and give it a try.

Play Within the Lines

On every slot machine, there are paylines that decide your win. Some slots give you a choice of playing many lines; I've seen as many as 50 lines on one slot machine. Other slots keep it simple with just one line. If you like things simple try Fruit Slots, a 3 reel single line slot. Playing Fruit Slots is really easy. Just bet and spin. No fuss. Just enjoy the spinning icons and colorful graphics.

Single Lines Slots are straight forward, but the Multi Line Slots aren't as complicated as they may seem. With most Multi Line Slots you can choose to play one, all or some of the payline. You can make your option, usually at the bottom of the screen and with a few exceptions; you can change your mind with every spin. Where the pay lines intersect can get complicated, but you don't have to know to play, the machine will keep track of every line for you and the lines will light up when you win.

The great thing about multiple paylines is that you have a lot more chances to hit your winning combinations, the icons don't have to fall in the center in order for you to win. And more chances to win, that is certainly worth giving it a try. I suggest you try different types of slot machines until you find the one that is the most fun for you to play. But whatever you do, don't be intimidated by multiple payline slots.

Choose a Slot Machine with Extras

There is more to modern online slot machines than just spinning reels. There are Bonus Slots with free spins and bonus awards for you to win. There are others Bonus Feature Slots, which take it to a whole new level with bonus games and extra screens. The difference between a Bonus Slot Machine and a Feature Slot is that in a Feature Slot you'll be taken away from the reels for a Bonus game or screen for a special feature for your enjoyment. In both Bonus and Feature Slots, there is more then just your regular winnings. Different combinations will start features, award you free spins or multipliers. Read the rules of these kinds of games, and the reviews. Sometimes there are helpful tips to get the most enjoyments (and the most pay-out) out of your game play.

Connect with Other Players

Progressive Slot machines are linked together in a network. This doesn't mean that you are playing with other players but that the jackpots grow based on other players' play. A percentage of all the money being played into the machine creates the big progressive jackpot. So the more people play, the more the jackpot grows until you win, then it resets.

You can play with real players when you're playing online slot games by joining slot tournaments. Online casinos like Liberty Slots Casino have daily and weekly tournaments you can join. Rules vary, but it usually consists of signing up for the tournament and playing the slot during a set period of time. Sometimes the slot id dictated, other times it can be any lost. With a tournament, there is always a winner, so it's a great way to spice up your online play.

Join the Fun

See, the world of online slots is not as complicated as you think. It's really that simple to join the millions of gamers playing right now. So, don't wait any longer. With instant play available, you can be playing in no time. Why are you still reading about it? Go join the fun.