Sunken Treasures Slots

Sunken Treasures Slots

Sunken Treasures is a cute and inviting video slot that offers a world of entertainment beneath the ocean waves. In this game, you're diving underwater amongst the quirky sea creatures in the hopes of locating the sunken galleon, which contains chests of treasure just waiting to be looted. It's an oddball game with caricatured graphics that'll be sure to amuse, but the best things about this game aren't how fun it is to play. Rather think about the fact that it's got a $25,000 top prize, a free spins feature, and an awesome bonus game that can pay out up to 100 times the total triggering bet (clear an extra $10,000 this way). Try Sunken Treasures today - most online casinos that feature this game offer a no download version that you can play right in your browser!

Get Your Diving Kit On

Luckily you won't require a treasure map to get the most out of Sunken Treasure - a healthy eagerness to play is all that's required. There are five reels in this game, but there are 20 different lines that run left to right across them. A full list (with diagrams) is available in the Help section of the game. To win a game, you need a group of matching symbols to line up across one of your activated lines. When this happens, you get paid out in multiples of whatever your current line bet is.

Denizens of the Deep

The items and characters that make up the cast of Sunken Treasures are worth different amounts of money. On the low end of the winning scale are the symbols for playing cards - 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. You'll hit these more often, but their payoffs are smaller. Far more exciting are the Anchor, the Starfish, the Angelfish, and the Treasure Chest, which is the game's top prize. You also have a Dive Partner, and he'll complete combos that are missing a symbol, plus he'll double the value of their payouts - a handy guy to have around.

Bonuses Lie Below

The game has a fantastic bonus round which is triggered if you hit three or more Sunken Galleon symbols. In the game, you get to pick 3 treasure chests from an entire room full. Some contain instant cash prizes. Some contain free spins - great for adding stacks to your bank roll. And if you're lucky, some contain a trigger to the next round - a jewel pick. Here you get to select between different gemstones for a chance to win up to 500x whatever your triggering bet was!