Harbour Master Slots

Harbour Master is a British themed game, this time set in a modern recreational sailing harbor. It is a traditional three-reel, single payline game with some interesting twists that will keep players interested. While the game is a very old-style, simple one, its look is fresh and modern and it will appeal to a wide variety of players.

A Sunny Day at the Harbour

The first thing that strikes the new player when logging onto Harbour Master is the bright, sunny photograph of a working recreational harbor. There are sailboats and power boats navigating the waters and in the surrounding slips, and bright red roofs on white buildings, all contributing to the feeling of a cheerful day on the water. In the upper right-hand corner there is fixed, as is typical on traditional three-reelers, the paytable. It is always viewable for quick reference during play. The sounds employed in Harbour Master are the typical beeps and whirrs of traditional slot machines, which, while competently done, are quite repetitive of other basic slot games, and we would not mind hearing something a bit more creative. Nonetheless, it is appropriate to the mechanical look of the game, and it assists in transporting the player to the casino setting.

Harbour Symbols

In the spirit of the harbor themed game, Harbour Master uses a variety of nautical images for symbols in the game. At the lower end there are Watches, Sailboats and Binoculars. The higher end symbols are the Cruise Ships and Compass Roses.

The Master's Pay

Harbour Master is an exceedingly basic rendition of the traditional slot game. There are neither wildcards nor multipliers. There is a scatter symbol, the Watch, that, when it appears anywhere on the screen, pays double the player's bet back, but that is the only special symbol. The game makes up for this simplicity, however, by offering higher limits. As is typical on traditionally styled games, the coin values may be set from 10¢ to $10, and, as is also typical, there is a single payline. Where Harbour Master is different, however, is that it allows up to five coins to be bet per spin. So the high end bet ranges from 50¢ up to $50. While this is not truly the territory of high rollers, it does up the potential for higher bets.

Payouts are a bit lower on Harbour Master than on other traditional games. The top jackpot is a modest 1500 coins, or $15,000 at the $10 coin level. Because of the limited number of symbols, however, winning combinations hit much more frequently. We were able to keep a $10 stake going, at the 10¢ coin value level of play, for well over an hour.

Visit the Harbour Master Tonght

Harbour Master is a well running and good looking game of the very simple variety. Because of the generous paybacks, it is a really fun one that will keep traditional slot players riveted for long periods of play. So settle into Liberty Slots Casino, and get the reels spinning on Harbour Master for real money now!