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By far, the most popular games at online casinos are the numerous slot machine games. But in a virtual environment, what is a slot game? There are no coins tinkling out of the computer and we are not in "real" casinos, so how is it done? Here are a few examples of the different types of slot games to be found online.

Definition of Slots

From the online gaming perspective, a slot game is one that simulates a casino slot machine. It is really that simple. In the earliest form, they were just random number generators that produced series of symbols, pre-defined combinations of which would result in payouts. Today, however, the graphics and player interfaces are extremely advanced. Players will find that the operation on online slot games is smooth and that the graphics are rich. These games can be exceedingly realistic or they can be fanciful - it is all in the hands of the designers and the feel that they want to give to a particular casino. Online slots run the gamut from the most simple of games, reminiscent of slot machines found in the 1940s, 50s and 60s to the highest tech varieties.

Basic Slots

Starting at the most basic level, there are many very simple slot games like Liberty Slots Casino's Admiral's Inn game. This is a graphical representation of an old-fashioned slot machine dating from the 1960's. It has three pay-lines, and if a player gets matching symbols to line up, they win.

Although this game simulates an old-time machine perfectly, it is by no means a low-tech game. The graphics are rich and perfectly simulate an old-style machine. The coin value is determined by the player for values between 10¢ and $10. With three play-lines on this machine, that makes the range of bets per play between 10¢ and $30, suitable for the player on a budget or for the moderately high-roller.

Basic slot games like Admiral's Inn are beautiful in their simplicity. This one is a classic, and it is representative of the gorgeous simple games available at the top casinos.

5 Reel Multi-line Slots

As slot games become more complex, more paylines are available to players. These games include complex paylines, allowing for hundreds of potentially winning combinations.

Games like Farming Futures and Lucky 7s have seven reels to spin and nine paylines. Despite the large number of reels, these games are relatively simple. They are easy to follow because of the limited number of paylines, and the large number of reels offers a large number of winning combos.

Games like Grail Maiden Slots with its rich stained-glass reels and Dolphin King Slots with its playful imagery and 25 paylines make these machines particularly appealing from a play perspective. Additionally, these machines have the richest and most detailed designs of all the slot machine games, transcending their brick-and-mortar casino brethren.

Bonus Slots

If the best looking machines in online casinos are their 5-reel multi-line slots, then the true crown jewels of online casino play must be their Bonus Slots. These games are combinations of slot machines and video-games. Players may win access to the bonus games by getting particular symbol combinations. Bonus games usually involve choosing one or more of several graphics that result in multipliers to winnings, free spins or cash. These games may result in up to quadruple winnings or huge jackpots.

Tomb Raider Slots: The Secret of the Sword is a bonus slot game that is based on the ever popular Tomb Raider videogame series. This game has a genuine sense of adventure in addition to 25 pay-lines and the potential for free spins and an exciting series of bonus games.

X Marks the Spot Slots is another adventure themed game where players follow the progress of their crew of Caribbean pirates on their quest for treasure. Free spins and treasure maps lead to rewarding side-games and to the key to a treasure chest worth a fortune.

Progressive Slots

As in brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos offer progressive slot games. In these games, the players are vying for an ever increasing jackpot that grows with the number of players who participate. These jackpots may be worth millions of dollars. Progressive slot games are normally 5-reel machines with limited paylines. The excitement of the games is fueled by numerous smaller payoffs, leading up to the grand prizes. Read reviews if our favourite progressive games: Mystic Dragon Slots and Red White Win Slots

Tournament Slots

Again, taking a cue from their Las Vegas and Atlantic City brethren, online casinos have discovered slot tournaments. These games have their own mega-jackpots, guaranteed by the sponsoring casinos. Players sign up and may pay an entry fee for the tournament. They then play for a given period of time, and the individual who has had the greatest winnings in the allotted time, walks away with the big prize. The odds of hitting it big in these games are excellent, as someone in the tournament will win the big prize.

Playing Slot Games Tonight!

Slot games are the foundation of all the top casinos, but there are a few that specialize in them. Places like Liberty Slots Casino, Bovada Casino and Manhattan Slots Casino all specialize in slot games. They have vast selections of the latest games. They offer progressive slot games as well as the big tournament games, making the rewards of playing potentially vast.

Pick your favorite highly-rated top casino, and hit the slot machines tonight for some great, casino-style gambling action!