Hot Drop Jackpots

The newest game type at Bovada Casino will provide members with a lot of inspiration and spectacular opportunities to generate massive earnings. Hot Drop Jackpots generally work as regular slot games, and their unique feature is providing three types of guaranteed jackpot prizes. The three prizes are Hourly Jackpot, Daily Jackpot, and Super Jackpot, and they pay with real money. If members acquire any of the three massive rewards, they can immediately withdraw them into their bank accounts.

The Three Huge Jackpot Rewards

The Hourly Jackpot is time-based; a lucky player will acquire it before the current hour ends. The Daily Jackpot is also time-based, but its conditions are slightly different - a Bovada member will receive it before the end of the day. The Super Jackpot is amount-based: the more players play the game, the bigger the jackpot prize will become, and it will eventually land before its value reaches 250 000 dollars. Hot Drop Jackpots generally pay around 5 million dollars every month. The three jackpots are an incredible addition to the site's games, and Bovada members should consider themselves extremely lucky to have chosen the site.

Increasing the Probability of Winning One of the Three Great Prizes

The game type features three tabs that display the current amount of each jackpot and the time remaining until players receive the prizes. Animated flames will appear on top of the jackpot widget as the crucial moment gets closer and closer. When bettors acquire a time-based jackpot, the site will lock it out for the remaining hour or day. A padlock will decorate the tab of a locked jackpot along with a countdown timer that will display the remaining time until the reward becomes available again.

In the case of the super jackpot, after a player wins it, the prize will be immediately reset to the base amount, and then it will gradually begin to build up. The closer the jackpot is to its limit, the more likely it is for a player to win it. A good piece of advice to follow would be to play the special Hot Drop Jackpot games when all three jackpots are active simultaneously, which would increase bettors' chances of winning.

Enjoying the Three Hot Drop Jackpot Games and Looking Ahead to a Very Profitable Future

Three Hot Drop Jackpot games are available at Bovada - Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe, and A Night with Cleo. Bovada members can be confident that those three games are merely the beginning of this hugely profitable trend. In the forthcoming weeks, more and more games will receive these Hot Drop Jackpot options. Bovada's Twitter account will keep followers up to date regarding all the latest information regarding the casino's products.