Online Slot Machine and Real Casino Slot Machine

With the emergence of online gambling, slot lovers were presented with new and innovative ways to play their favorite slot games. In turn, the great debate of online slot machines versus real casino slot machines began. While online slot machine venues and real casino slot machine venues both have benefits, each one does carry specific disadvantages as well. It's up to each player to determine what they're most comfortable with and what is best for them, personally when choosing whether to play slots online or play real casino slots in land based casinos.

Benefits Of Online Slot Machines

The benefits of online slot machines are fairly simple to understand. The idea of playing casino games on your own computer, from the comfort of your own home is a major benefit for most players. It's a convenient way to experience slots and possibly win large amounts of money. Most often, players can find a larger selection of games when they play online slot machines because they are able to access multiple casinos in one sitting, instead of being forced to choose from the real casino slot machines offered at a casino they might physically visit. Experts also state the online casinos give more jackpot opportunities, due to the fact online players can access more linked casino jackpots online. Land based casinos can only link the jackpots for the slot machines they house, where online casinos can link jackpots to various games in various casinos without problems.

Benefits Of Real Casino Slot Machines

Many players enjoy the lights and whistles associated with the atmosphere of a land based casino. Part of their playing enjoyment comes from actually being in the casino, hearing the sounds, feeling the coins won and being social in the environment. Thus, one of the main benefits for some people is the actual casino environment and experience the land based casinos offer to them. In addition, some of the larger casinos will offer exciting perks like entertainment, free rooms, free buffets and other thrilling advantages. As the economy is becoming less stable, these perks are fewer in offering, however.

Real Casino Slot Bonus Vs. Online Casino Slot Bonus

There is great controversy when it comes to real casino slot bonuses versus online casino slot bonuses. However, many studies show online slots pay better than land based slots. In addition, the online slot payout is noted as being higher than land based slot payouts. Most feel this is due to the fact land based casinos have large overheads and can't afford the higher payouts. Thus, with online casinos having much less overhead, they can pay at an average of 98% or higher.