Mobile Casino Slots

Online gambling is now just as popular as the traditional method. Mobile platforms have overtaken desktops in their total internet usage and this is a trend being seen worldwide. Online casinos have embraced the growth in mobile use with greater enthusiasm than many other web-based industries. The driving forces behind the swift interest in mobile casinos have been convenience and mobility. The rise of smart phone technology has made it now easier than ever to play casino games on your mobile phone. Mobile casinos allow you to play your favorite games without the need to be at a computer or download any software. Leading online casino software developers now create games that are optimized for use on phones and tablets on all the major mobile operating platforms. These versions of games are now comparable in terms of graphics and gameplay with established desktop versions.

Android Slots

Android phones allow slot players to play their favorite games as both download and instant play versions. The highest number of apps in the market are Android. The Android platform lets players transfer their balances from the main casino to the mobile casino with ease. Android-based slot games are simple, easy to operate and incredibly accessible as you get to play them anywhere, anytime.

iPhone Slots

iPhone slots offer the ability to play great games, speedy payouts, security and software quality. There's a range of casino and slots games available for free play, but you can also play for real money with iPhone online casino apps. iPhone online casino applications are gaining popularity all the time. Casinos are optimized for iPhone players so gameplay will be very sharp and fast. Playing online casino iPhone apps offers secure, high quality play with no burdensome software.

Windows Phone Slots

Some of the best devices for playing online slots are Windows phones. They are the very easiest to use and almost always work with the default settings. Online casinos websites are able to recognize any mobile device that is used to log in and they normally adjust the screen display automatically to fit the mobile screen. Some games don't even require the use of buttons in order to play. Players with no prior experience in the game won't have a difficult time getting started. Mobile slot games are, by default, designed for the Windows platform. This is because Windows is the most commonly used operating system.

BlackBerry Slots

Blackberry slot machines are special software-based and instant-play slot games designed and hosted at mobile casino sites to be compatible with Blackberry phones. Playing slot games on your Blackberry is similar to play online casino slots. The two ways to play slots with your Blackberry are via instant or download. Blackberry's operating system can handle instant-play mobile slot games built into Web browsers. The benefit of playing slots via Blackberry is simple convenience.

iPad Slots

The iPad is a one-stop entertainment center but the iPad runs on the less popular HTML5 animation platform instead of the more common Java Flash and this can cause limits in some online casinos. Players will find some games to be downloadable, but many of them will be browser-based.

Kindle Slots

Kindle offers the opportunity for slot players to play directly from the device. Kindle Fire tablets provide crystal-clear graphics, impeccable audio, and lightning fast speed. Kindle offers the convenience of playing at online casinos for real money just about anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Smartwatch Slots

Wearable gadgets are very popular today because they deliver the functionality of a smartphone right from your wrist. Online casino sites are showing an interest in bringing their games to these cutting edge devices. While there isn't much screen space available for designers to use they have been crafty to keep the games playable for users so you may be surprised to see how many are available.

Oculus Rift Slots

Recent advances in technology have brought virtual reality back to the forefront. One of the leading products in this latest wave has been the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift has been used for playing video games bringing virtual worlds and experiences together. For some time now, developers have been working on gambling games that could work with the hardware contained in these headsets. Operators of online gambling sites have begun to develop their own apps that can be used with the Oculus Rift, offering a much more immersive Internet gaming experience.

HTML 5 Mobile Slots

The HTML5 gaming platform was first designed to offer mobile gaming to those who used iPhones and iPads. The HTML5 software is compatible with Apple iOS devices, and is used in much the same way that Flash is used for PCs and other mobile devices. Prior to the HTML5 platform it was hard for Apple device users to find compatible mobile casinos. The use of the HTML5 platform for mobile casinos now offers software that can be used across many mobile gaming platforms.

Nokia Phones

If you are a casino game player who wishes to play casino games on Nokia Phones then you are going to be able to do just that. Nokia uses Java for game play on mobile devices. This has led to a lot of casino game designers and suppliers to make their range of casino games fully compatible with any type of Nokia devices that have the Java software installed up on them.

Software Compatibility and Requirements

Playing casino games on your mobile device only requires a compatible operating system like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Blackberry. Mobile casinos require the iOS device to use iOS3.x or a later version for compatibility. This means devices with iOS5.x and iOS6.x will work.

Playing for Real Money on Mobile Casinos

Simply fund your mobile casino account and start playing. Each casino has different forms of acceptable deposit methods include debit cards, credit cards, NETeller, Bank Wire, and other cell phone payment options. Once you fund your account and start playing you can start winning real money.

How to Play Slots for Free On Mobile

There are a couple ways to enjoy free play on your mobile device. You can simply register for a free account and play or you can take advantage of casino free welcome bonuses. Once you register for a free account you can sample many games to see what you like and you can also practice play and see how to best maneuver the touch screen or keypad to control the game play.

Pros of Playing Mobile Slot Games

The most advantageous thing about playing mobile slot games is convenience. The ability to access your favorite game from anywhere without compromising quality is awesome. Players have a whole host of mobile games and bonuses to choose from. All of these things combines are sure to improve your odds of winning.

Cons of Playing Mobile Slots

There are a few cons about mobile gaming but software designers are always striving to improve. Some mobile game graphics are low quality and may not be easy to see on the phone screen, making it tough to play the games. Also, some mobile casinos do not use encryption technology, which exposes players to fraud risks. As more casino operators are going mobile, these issues are fading out of the equation.

Betsoft Mobile Slots

Betsoft has lead the way toward the development technologies that facilitate game play across a wide variety of platforms and devices. HTML5 is quickly gaining ground as the platform of choice because it delivers high quality, cinematic 3D experiences on a wide variety of different mobile phones and tablets. Betsoft made a name for itself by producing some of the most engaging, awe inspiring 3d gaming experiences on the globe.

Rival Slots

Rival licenses its catalog of desktop and mobile casino games to online and offline operators around the world. Players can take the games they love with them wherever they go! The suite currently boasts an array of 3 and 5 reel slots and table games. Rival's mobile suite is constantly expanding.

RTG Slots

The slots powered by RTG have excellent graphics and software. RTG offers a great selection of slot games that will meet all needs and personal requirements of the players. RTG is constantly working on its slots in order to make the gaming experience for its customers even better.

Microgaming Slots

Microgaming players can choose from dozens of languages, and can open and play multiple games at a time in different windows. The web-based casino can be played from any desktop computer or mobile device that supports Flash. No casino download is required to start playing. Players receive the richest possible gaming experience at all times, regardless of hardware or location.

Wager Gaming Mobile Slots

Wager Gaming Technology offers a wide variety of games, with a focus is on slots games and tournaments. They have an excellent variety of unique games, slots, video slots and progressive slots. Wager Gaming Technology is known for both quality and innovation. Players can choose to play in fun mode or real money mode.


Online slots tournaments are becoming increasingly popular and more online casinos are adding tournaments to their game selections. Tournaments offer players a variety of different slot games for a low entry fee or sometimes no fee at all. Players have a chance to win some terrific cash and prizes along the way. Casinos offer weekly or daily tournaments as a way to attract players to the casino. There also are a number of casinos that offer invitation-only, private tournaments.

How to Deposit

There are different ways to put money into an online gambling account. E-wallet sites are very popular with online gamblers because the fees are low and the processing speeds are very fast. However, US gambling sites are notorious for refusing to accept e-wallet payments due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. It is the safest and most secure option to deposit and withdraw money. Using a credit or debit card to fund your gambling account is the most popular and widespread method since the method is very fast and completely safe. Prepaid cards are very similar to debit and credit cards, but allow you to go about funding your online gambling account in a more discreet manner. Money orders are very popular among American gamblers. Other methods include Bank Wire, Instant eChecks, and Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is an open source digital currency system. The Bitcoin system isn't controlled by a single entity like a government or central bank - the entire network is completely decentralized, with individual users volunteering their computing power to execute and record network's transactions. All the transactions are pretty much anonymous, as bitcoin users aren't required to identify themselves by name or address. Trading your bitcoins for traditional currency just requires going to a bitcoin exchange sites.

Best Mobile Casinos

Mobile Casinos are one of the most recent of inventions in the digital world. HTML5 technology allows websites to run seamlessly on smart phones and tablets in a way that was never made possible before. Playing on a mobile device allows you to play games for real money and mobile casinos have improved tremendously and now feature clearer and more visually pleasing graphics. Playing at online casinos on mobile devices is much safer due to less chance of viruses.

New Mobile Casinos

Players should be sure to check out the promotions new mobile casinos have to offer. There is a new online casino emerging every day, so there is always a new place where you can try your luck. When checking out new mobile casinos be sure to consider sign up bonuses, free play, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and detailed info about the latest contests and tournaments. The best mobile casinos will also have premier customer support and a good variety of games to play.

Best Bonuses for Mobile Players

It is wise to check around to different mobile casinos to see where the best bonuses are. These bonuses are very beneficial in allowing players to take advantage of what the casinos are offering and to play with free money while still being able to rake in real cash winnings.