Ladies of Deal or No Deal

If you tune in to any of the game shows on TV, most have audiences that cheer on the contestants. But there's one show wherein a group of women play a major role in whether or not a contestant is successful. The 26 Ladies of Deal or No Deal have become just as popular as the game show itself. Ladies Slots would like to introduce to them, as are not only an integral part of the game show, but are the loveliest, warm, and friendly ladies you'll ever have the good fortune to meet.

Who Are the 26 Ladies of Deal or No Deal?

We thought you would like to know the names of the 26 Ladies who grace the stage of Deal or No Deal. If you're a fan of the show, you may know them already. But just in case, here they are by order of briefcase number: Claudia, Stacey, Lisa, Keltie, Ursula, Megan, Sara, Mariela, Patricia, Anya, Katie, Lauren, Leyla, Pilar, Brooke, Lisa, Jenelle, Marisa, Amanza, Alike, Tameka, Crystal, Aubrie, Kelly, Hayley Marie, and Lindsay.

These 26 Ladies of Deal or No Deal are all talented and accomplished women in their own right, and come from diverse backgrounds. It is a testament to the empowerment of women that these 26 Ladies of Deal or No Deal have made such an impact on the lives of people they hardly know. Just to give you an idea: one is a lawyer; several are models; another is the host of a travel show; one is an actress; one loves sword fighting; another is studying film and theatre; while still another was a Barrel Racing Champion in her home state.

In a society where beautiful women are treasured for their beauty alone, it is refreshing to be able to recognize 26 Ladies who epitomize strength, independence, intelligence, and wit….and yes, their inner and outer beauty as well.

When you play The Reel Deal Slots, and you get to the bonus round, think about the 26 Ladies of Deal or No Deal. Whether you know it or not, they are hoping you win, too!