Deal Or No Deal Classic

Deal or No Deal Slots

If you haven't spent a nail biting hour with Howie Mandel wondering if it will be a Deal or No Deal, then let me ask - where have you been? The run away TV smash "Deal or no Deal," is one of the most popular TV game shows on the air. The contestant is asked to open cases whittling down the amounts until only one case is left, or they can cut a deal with the Banker and walk away with guaranteed cash. Who you risk it for a million? Or would you make a deal?

Make the Call

The game is simple. You choose one of 26 Briefcases. This is your Briefcases unless you choose to sell it to the Banker. The Banker offers you deals to try and get you to sell your Briefcase for less than its worth. You have your wits about you. Out smart him and walk away a winner. Make a bad call and you could lose big. The amount the Banker offers you will depend on remaining cash prizes in the remaining unopened Briefcases. So try and open Briefcases with low amounts, this way his offers keep going up. And when he makes his offer, be ready with your answer: Deal or No Deal?

Make Your Choice

So not only is it possible to choose whether you want to make a deal with the Banker or not, but you can choose how you want to play Deal or No Deal. But whether you choose Play Deal Or No Deal Classic or Real Deal slots, you'll find all the excitement of the television show and more. So, what's it going to be? Deal or No Deal?