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Many years ago, Louis Prima and Keely Smith recorded a song called That Old Black Magic back in the 50s. This husband and wife duo were legendary and beloved by audiences everywhere, and it is no surprise that the song was performed once again at the 2008 Grammy Awards with Keely Smith and Kid Rock.

When you hear this song, it brings back wonderful memories, especially for baby boomers. Now over 50 years later, we can still reference this song in different genres. If you are an online casino slot player, there are many top weekend games that include one or more lyrics to this song. Let's start with the first line: "That Old Black Magic has me in its spell." Lo and behold, there is a slot game called Magic Spell Slost with another called Magic Money Slost. Another line from the song is: "Down and down I go, round and round I go, in a spin; love is the spin I'm in…" Clearly, one could say this line is analogous to Wheel of Chance slots.

With the song being about love and relationships, can you remember this line? "I could stay away, but what can I do. I hear your name, and I'm aflame." Dr. Love Slots fits nicely into this lyrical line.

Louis Prima and Keely Smith were the real deal! As a tribute to them we call upon Reel Deal slots games to reflect their love for each other. Speaking of love, which this song is all about, how about Love Bug slots?

Released as a single in 1958, That Old Black Magic remained at #18 on the Billboard Charts. Although it didn't quite make it to the top of the charts garnering the duo monster money, we can report that Monster Money Slot has no problem in that regard.

If you love music and the 50s, get out the old record collection and treat yourself to one of the best songs every recorded. Not only will it put you in a great mood, but playing the slots to That Old Black Magic will have you spinning and singing at the same time.