Money Magic Slots

Money Magic Slots

There's a magic money slots in USA, fruit machines in UK and poker machines at Australia, these are machines with 3 plus reels. They spin continuously when you push the button. A slot is known to be as a 1-armed bandit due to a slot machine who originally operates through levers on sides of slot machines, this 1 arm, rather than of buttons in front panels.

The machine for money magic slots is paying off based upon the symbolic patterns visible at this machine. Every game of this machine gives its features like the style of Classic Vegas, wild symbol, multiline, bonus features, scatter symbol, multiplier, skill stop, free spinning, progressive or the random jackpots.

When reviewing this online machine Magic Money slot; fruit, as well as poker games, as well as casino, it gives every detail necessary in wagering so the player can make the best choices for a maximum enjoyment and huge winnings in the online casino. Variety is not a problem: there are more than one thousand four hundred slots online games.

It's truly an exciting slot game, it also comes with a welcome fee bonus when you sign up and then play, those of 3, 5, 9 and 7 reels slot games include reviews of: rules, betting per payline, the bonus feature round, playing this slots game, safe and secure issues, etc..

Among the many theme-based slots online, Magic Money slots can encompass a wide variety of slot games. Whether the slot is about money or magic, or a combination of both, you can be sure to have a great time playing these slot games at our featured casinos. Fortunately, we do have a slot game for you entitled Money Magic Slots. It is a Rival slot game, which means that it has beautiful graphics and animations, and will most likely be a lucrative and entertaining slot game. Let's take a look at Money Magic Slots.

Money Magic Slots Game Facts

Play Money Magic Slots now!A 5-reel, 9-payline progressive video slot game with a Circus theme, Money Magic Slots has 39 winning combinations. It is always a good idea to read the pay table to view the different symbols and payouts before playing. The max bet is $2.25, an ideal slot for penny slot players on a budget. Not only is there a progressive jackpot, but a second jackpot worth 10,000 coins!

Symbols are Simply Illusions

Speaking of illusions, you won't find any playing Money Magic Slots. The symbols in this game are beautifully rendered to provide maximum enjoyment. They include cards, cigarettes, dove, magic wand, magician, magician's hat, rabbit, daggers, and saw. The Flowers symbol is wild and will substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. It will not substitute for the scatter symbol. The Flowers symbol is also a wild multiplier, meaning that when it appears in a winning combination, you wins will be doubled. The Lady Assistant is the scatter symbol. If you get 5 of her symbols, you can multiply your trigger bet up to 75 times!

Play Money Magic Slots

Although there are no other bonus features in this game, for $2.25 a spin it is well worth playing due to the huge payouts you can garner. We highly recommend you play Money Magic Slots at our featured casinos. Perhaps your day will turn into a magical one wherein, instead of a rabiit, you can pull lots of money out of the hat!

The New Games for Magic Money Slots

Wooly World Video SlotWooly World Video Slots, it's a five reel, twenty pay line slot games, it will take a magic money slot player back in such a cool time, during ice age with such a fantastic type of online game. Wooly World has a cool colored theme, cartoons of graphic design style and sets us to an old world type of scene, wherein the Scattered and Wild features are helping players in reaping bonuses and to gain entry to a generous free spin; as well as multiplier, in caps of gamble features. This Wooly World has such a spectacular bonus reward, achievable up to fifty thousand in regular Wooly World games and then the hundred thousand for the free round of spins bonus games. Wooly World Video Slots is available at Spin Palace casino.

Kung Fu Monkey SlotsKung Fu Monkey Slots, is also five reels, with fifteen pay lines video machine slot game. The theme is packed with action based on primates and martial arts. In the game, players need to fight with some violent primates in order to free hostages and then be able to win some bonus rewards. The Kung Fu Monkey provides a lot of adrenaline, so it is the perfect combination with a slot game and a video game.

You can enjoy all this action at the Magic Money Slots, where variety and adrenaline are at its best.