Karaoke Cash Slots

Are you a shower singer? When the music comes up on karaoke night, are you the first one to sign up? Do you watch every episode of American Idol and think, "I could do better?" If so, and even if not, Karaoke Cash Slots may be the game for you! This is a creative new slot game from Wager Gaming, the software behind Liberty Slots Casino.

Karaoke Imagery

Though the game is named after the popular Japanese sing-along pastime of karaoke, the look and the feel of the game is much more glamorous and seems to be modeled more after the popular American Idol television show. The symbols used are those of a pop star including an iPod, Speakers, an Audience of fans, Music Charts, CDs, a Girl Pop Singer, a Magazine Cover, a Guy Pop Singer and Bars of Music. In addition to those, there is the wildcard, a Gold CD, the scatter symbol, a Music Contract, and the most desirable symbol of all, the Karaoke Cash Logo that triggers the great side game.

The best part of all these gorgeously rendered symbols is that all of them are fully animated when they are in winning combinations. This game is a true treat for the eyes.

Karaoke Audio

So many slot games completely ignore the sound aspect if the immersive experience, so great graphics and game design end up with paltry, generic casino background noises on otherwise first rate games. This is not the case with Karaoke Cash - Winning combinations in this game are accompanied by pop tunes and crowd sounds which are well conceived. This is truest during the spectacular bonus round, but more on that later.

Karaoke Winnings

Players set the coin values between 1¢ and $10. This game only allows a single coin bet per payline, but with twenty paylines available, the maximum bet may be as much as $200 per spin, making this game ideal for high rollers.

The big jackpot is 10,000 coins, or $100,000! On the other hand, all lines may be played for as little as 20¢ per spin, still offering a reward of $2000. This is a game that is truly appealing to all levels of slot game player.

Karaoke Side Games

The Music Contract symbol starts the 15 Free Spin round. During this round more free spins or a side game may be awarded.

The Karaoke Bonus Round side game is the thing that is very special about this otherwise superb slot game. The player selects a single contestant from a group of 26. Each round contestants will be eliminated, and awards are given depending on how long the player's contestant lasts in the game. The potential for an award of 10,000 times the player's initial bet makes this side game exceptionally lucrative.

Make Tonight a Karaoke Night!

Get settled in your favorite gambling place and pull up your favorite Vegas Technologies casino tonight and get the reels spinning on this fantastic game! Play Karaoke Cash for real money - that is the only way to realize these wonderful winnings.