Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr. Cashman is an entity in itself, first originating as an Australia slot game, from Aristocrat Leisure Limited, which is based in Australia. Originally, Mr. Cashman was a three-reel slot with Mr. Cashman being just a standard symbol. Now, Mr. Cashman is a game of its own with its own bonus features. Mr. Cashman first appeared on slot games in the 1990s and Aristocrat added Mr. Cashman bonus games in the early 2000s. The bonus game format has been essentially the same since it was first introduced.

There are five Mr. Cashman bonus games, which are awarded randomly, similar to a progressive slot. The Mr. Cashman bonus games do not affect how the regular game play proceeds or prizes awarded in regular game play. You must play the maximum possible bet in order to be eligible for a Mr. Cashman bonus. When Mr. Cashman awards free spins or free games even if no winning combination shows up on the reels the game still awards you 2 coins times the active bet per line.

Mr. Cashman prances onto the playing reels area and begins waving his hands at the Win meter near the top of the screen. The coins begin to rack up and Mr. Cashman keeps waving his hands until he is done giving you coins. The prize amount is randomly determined but is up to 25,000 credits. The same is true for free spins, Mr. Cashman momentarily stops at one or more reels and gives it a spin. He walks past any reels he will not spin. The reels continue spinning until Mr. Cashman has finished awarding new spins. As he departs, he will toss you a multiplier, which could be as high as 10x.

On the second screen, Mr. Cashman is sitting in front of a three reel slot machine in a virtual casino. He pulls the lever on a slot machine to spin the reels. A random number will appear ranging from 0 to 9. In another screen, Mr. Cashman will appear on stage in front of a curtain, holding a gift box in one hand and a money bag in the other hand. You choose one of the two prizes.

The Gift Box awards a free spins game with multipliers. The number of spins and multiplier amounts are randomly determined. You can win 5, 10, 15, or 20 free spins. Multipliers are randomly chosen from X2, X3, and X5. The Money bag awards a prize in coins, which can be as high as 1000 of them. When Mr. Cashman shows up on a screen with a moonlit star filled sky you reach for the stars until you find two matching prizes. You win the first matched prize, which could be up to 1000 coins or free spins. If you win 5 free spins all prizes are awarded a X5 multiplier. If you win 10 free spins all prizes are awarded a X3 multiplier. If you win 20 free spins all prizes are awarded a X2 multiplier. If you win 40 free spins all prizes are paid at face value.