Breakfast Slots

Since thousands of years ago, gambling and casino games have been highlights of the human entertainment scene. It’s quite obvious, in fact, that people simply can’t do without these games of luck – flip the pages of the newspaper and you’ll find sections dedicated to lottery and sweepstakes, or turn the channel on television and you’re bound to come across a poker tournament in session. Increasingly, card, dice, and similar titles are being published by developers for gaming consoles – and Apple’s iPhone is no exception.

Perhaps one of the most exciting and easy-to-pick-up-and-play genre of casino games is slots. It doesn’t require a lot of skill, but you get the same feeling of anticipation and exhilaration as you wait to see if you win on the basis of pure chance. Of course, since these types of games have been around for centuries, things tend to get a little bit boring, but after a shifting and sorting through the AppStore I found a fun and deliciously refreshing title called Breakfast Slots.

Naturally, the rules and general gameplay in Breakfast Slots are similar to other slots games – you place a bet, choose how many lines you want to play (the more you pick, the bigger your minimum bet has to be) and hit either auto spin or do it manually. There are twenty different line combinations that range from straight to zigzag to scatter, and adding to that is the mouth-watering array of items – creamy cheese, sizzling bacon, toast with strawberry jam, fresh squeezed orange juice and other breakfast things - that correspond to different points when lined up in winning orders.

The cartoon-style graphics are beautifully presented in bursts of bright color, further enhancing the experience. Sounds are minimal but well-placed, while controls are simple and very intuitive. You’re not limited to just tapping ‘Spin’, either. If you get three coffee cups, for example, there are bonus rounds that add to the variety of the gameplay and make use of your iPhone’s controls flawlessly. Juice oranges, flip pancakes, or break eggs and see if you can prepare a worthy breakfast and earn more credits.

Overall, everything pulls together to make a very entertaining experience that’s perfect for casual gamers who feel like trying out their gambling luck without getting involved in any real risk. Find out just how lucky you are with this simple yet fun app, but don’t get carried away by your winnings. After all, virtual dollars won’t buy you breakfast.