Sex and the City Slot Machines Lure Women

Sex and the City: Out On The Town Slots

Sex and the City Slot Machines are based on the famous or should we say infamous TV series that has also produced two hit movies under the same name. You can find the Sex And The City Slot Machine Online at a number of leading casinos. Sex and the City online Slot machine depicts everyone’s dream life of glamour mixed with everyday problems. The symbols that you see on this unusual slot machine reflect the glamorous life style from the boxes of chocolate to diamond studded hearts, leopard print boxes to high heeled shoes. At Bovada Casino and Win Palace Casino you can find numerous other great slots that hint at the glamorous lifestyle too and all of them can be played by US players. In fact at Bovada you don’t even need to download the casino to your own computer, you can play directly from the web browser of the casino and all in the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose the Jackpot Capital Casino or the Slots.LV Casino you will find a great range of different slots games to play which include exciting bonus slots such as Totem Quest Slots. The choice is endless when you play online slots.

A Slots Game Designed By Women for Women

Sex and the City Slots is not really a game for men, it is designed by women for women to enjoy and benefit from. In fact the game is a multi-tasking game which we all know is difficult for men, another reason why it is a women’s game. Sex and the City Slots is a game with four separate screens in one, in other words you are playing four different games all at one time. This is the multi-tasking aspect of the game and of course what makes it so attractive to women who we know are great multi-taskers. Each screen holds 5 reels and 30 paylines so in fact when you are playing Sex and the City slots you are in fact playing 120 different paylines at once, which is quite a feat for any slots game, online or not.

Endless Bonus Opportunities to Choose From

The big pull of the Sex and the City slots game is of course all of the different bonus games which there are. A woman likes to play slots but she likes to think that she is winning bonuses even more. The bonus games vary depending on the symbols that you manage to land on your screen but they all include working towards winning a glamorous virtual gift such as a necklace, pearl earrings or even a diamond ring. Women want glamour and gifts and that is definitely what you get when playing Sex and the City Slots. For other online bonus slots games, check out casinos like Bovada and Win Palace where you can find a great range of different types of slots to play.

Above Average Slots Game with Above Average Chances to Win

Sex and the City Slots is considered a slots game for players that have more than the average bankroll in other words it is not a penny slot game. But then again you don’t win pennies when you play Sex and the City Slots. The minimum bet you can place is $2 which is 50c on each of the 25 payline games and the maximum is endless. So if you are intending to play Sex and the City Slots which also offers excerpts from the famous TV Show and movies you might want to make sure you have enough in your pocket to make it a really good game and of course open all the possibilities for winning some handsome bonus opportunities.