Microgaming December New Casino Games

All Slots Casino is a great way to give yourself one incredible gift this holiday season, and what a way to increase your cash flow for Christmas! Remember that you have to play these great games for your chance to win, so check out these exciting new casino options today at All Slots Casino! Give Yourself the Gift of Entertainment this Holiday!

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Slots

Just in time for the Christmas, Scrooge takes a turn toward the good and vacates the naughty list for the year with Microgaming's newest slot game! Among several new games released for your December gaming entertainment, the Scrooge slot game is certain to delight players young and old with beautiful graphics that are reminiscent of the Dickens classic, "A Christmas Carol." Free spins can add up to a big payoff, which can total 120,000 coins and appears when the player reaches December 25th on the countdown calendar. Clicking on a winning symbol either adds a day to the calendar or adds a free spin to the counter! The game also has an exciting "Christmas Dinner" bonus round, which can provide players with up to 10,000 more coins! This year, take advantage of Scrooge's repentance as you spin the reels toward your happiest holiday ever!

Seek Your Fortune with Tribal Treasure!

This graphically superior slot game powered by Microgaming software takes players on a jungle adventure that can end with huge winnings! Paired with traditional slot symbols, Tribal Treasure provides players with other exciting symbols like wild-eyed natives, monkeys, and a golden idol! "Tribal Treasure" provides players with a gamble option within the game that can double or quadruple your winnings! Another exciting feature that will keep players spinning the reels involves collecting the golden idol 10 times for 10 free spins. You aren't going to want to miss this!

Buffet Bonanza: Get Greedy!

Take a break from your generous giving nature this December and do something for yourself; All Slots Casino has gotten into the spirit of the season with Buffet Bonanza. Exciting symbols add up to huge wins in this slot game that will satisfy even the pickiest player. With a free spin bonus feature and an opportunity to win up to 6,000 times the amount that you bet, you are sure to love this game. The food fight bonus round triggers multiple wild symbols, which increases your odds of a huge win. Powered by Microgaming software, "Buffet Bonanza" is sure to make you hungry with symbols depicting delicious roasts, decadent desserts, and plentiful pastries; instead of expanding your waistline, you'll fatten your wallet! Just remember that you have to play to win!

Looking for a Pot of Gold?

If you're looking for a chance to get rich, stop hunting for the end of the rainbow and check out "Vegas 3-Card Rummy Gold." This exciting new gaming opportunity, released by Mircogaming in early December, is among the newest Gold Series Table Games from All Slots Casino. The player's goal is to get the lowest score possible for a 3-card hand. A pair, triple, or a same suit run of 2 or 3 cards is valued at 0 points; in "Vegas 3-Card Rummy Gold," the player wants a low score because a lower number means a higher payout! Looking for another good reason to play? A suited Ace, 2, 3 run pays 100:1!