The Pros And Cons Of Using Auto Play In Online Slots

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Whichever website you visit when you want to play slots games - from to Lincoln Casino for example - you will notice that many online slots games you can download and play have an auto play feature.

But is this the best feature to use or should you steer clear of it? Let's see if we can find out some answers.

What is an auto play feature?

Simply put, an auto play feature on a slots game lets you play several games without actually clicking on the spin button all the time. Instead, you select the auto play feature and the game will play automatically.

What are the benefits of using this feature?

If you are playing a favorite game on a site like Lincoln Casino, you may want to get on with something else while the game plays and bets money for you.

The good thing is that if you always bet the same amount of money on the same number of paylines, the auto play feature can save you a lot of time. Just choose how long you want it to run for and set it going.

What are the disadvantages of using this feature?

If you have chosen to play a game from a site like Bovada Casino for instance, and you want to play it for free instead of wagering money on it, there is really no point in using the auto play feature. If you play for free and you use auto play you won't be leaving it to run while you do something else.

Does it work on Bonus Slot Machines?

Yes you will usually see an auto play function on Bonus Slot Machines, but it may not work all the time. Bonus Slot Machines typically have one or more bonus games on them which are triggered when you get a certain combination of symbols on a payline.

When this happens in auto play mode the game will stop to give you a chance to play the bonus game. This means that if you have left the game running to go elsewhere, you should always check back to see whether such a game has been won for you.

Stay and play before using it all the time

The first time you use the auto play feature, it can be worthwhile to stay with it to see what happens. Then you will feel confident about using it in future.