Win A Million

The awesome theme to this fantastic slot is pretty clear from the off, money, money and more money! The graphics are great and all based around cash and those things you associate with the lifestyle of the super rich, including dollar signs, stacks of cash and diamonds. The sounds are really cool, and from the first spin, you see that a lot of effort has been put in to bring this slot to you. By hitting that download now button you are opening up the chance to grab a million and live the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

How to Win a Million!

This slot is a little bit different to other slots in that the reels don´t actually spin but the symbols simply change every time you hit the play button. It´s a really nice and different feature and sets it apart from other slots. The game itself is truly geared towards the big million dollar win, and has no multipliers or free spin rounds. It does however have a scatter, which is the globe symbol and a wild, which is the rich gentleman symbol. This 5 reel slot has 30 different winning combinations and the maximum wager is $25. The real fun starts when you hit the bonus feature, offering you the chance to win a huge one million dollars. The bonus round is activated when you hit three Briefcase symbols on any payline. If you have wagered the maximum bet of $5 then you are in with a shot at a whole new life. It´s also really cool how the million is paid to you, as you get $500,000 as soon as you win and then $50,000 every year for 15 years, so even if you go and blow a fortune on a new car, house or boat, you still have that 50K coming to you each year!

This game is for those slots players out there that are searching for the big win and the life that goes with it. It has fantastic graphics and sound affects and is simple to play. Your heart will surely start pumping when you hit that bonus round and give yourself a chance to Win a Million! US players are welcome to play this slot and it has everything the serious slot player is looking for.