Totem Quest Slots

Every now and then the Bovada slots gets a new game in its midst. Recently it added the game Totem Quest, so you can now try it by downloading and playing it for real. Let's check out the slot game itself so you know what to expect.

How many reels and paylines does this slots game have?

This is a five reel slot machine game with twenty five paylines. As such it has more paylines than many other games on the site, with many of them having up to twenty maximum.

How much do you have to bet as a minimum? And what's the maximum bet?

The lowest amount you can bet is five cents on a single line. The highest amount is five dollars.

You then need to figure out how many paylines you want to bet on, which could be anything from one to twenty five. By multiplying those together you will get the total amount of your bet on a single spin.

Does Totem Quest Slots have free spins?

Yes you certainly can - but only if you get three or more Totem Heads appearing on your reels after a spin. They can pop up anywhere and the number you get determines how many spins you get.

You could get anywhere from three to fifteen freebies here, so watch out for those heads!

Does Totem Quest Slots have bonus games built in?

Yes there are - and perhaps rather unusually there are three of them. This isn't very common for slots games, which often have just one at most.

The games are named as followed - Catch the Gem, Flying Tiles and Trip through Worlds. Each one is triggered by a different number of special symbols appearing on the reels after you have spun them. You can read more about this below.

Which special symbols should you watch out for while playing?

The special symbols to watch for in this game are the ones that unlock the special bonus games there are to play.

You'll need to get a minimum of three of each in one hit to unlock a game. The symbols to match up are Indian bags, Totem Quest symbols and Bombs.

This is one of the best Casino Games there is on the site, and with three bonus games to shoot for you'll love every minute you spend playing it.