Frances New Online Gambling Laws Cause Pull-Outs

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France, which has long been a country that supports many different types of gaming including online play, has recently made some changes in their gambling laws. These changes, unfortunately for many French players, have resulted in negative changes in online gaming market, causing at least one major player to pull out of the French market.

One of the largest online gaming companies in the United Kingdom, William Hill has followed suit with Betfair, have both stopped allowing French online gamblers to wager on the online sites. This is because the new laws in France require that all online casinos offering payouts have to be approved and licensed in France to accept wagers from online gamers located in the country. William Hill does have its own land based casino and players are more than welcome to travel and play, it is only the online betting that is impacted by this new law. Currently William Hill online casinos are considering if they will go through the process of applying for license to operate online casinos within France. Although there are a number of French players, the company needs to consider if the cost of the license will be economically feasible since it isn't their biggest market.