First Real-Money iPhone Bingo App

With email and online chat being accessible on both computers and phones it only makes sense that since we are constantly on the move that we are able to play our favorite bingo game just like we would in the comfort of our own home, on the bus or in the doctor's waiting room. It is no surprise that the two giants in the UK online bingo scene have joined forces and made this smooth transition between home, work and play. is the forerunner in using Vurtue Fusion's new iPhone software so that their players can now use the iPhone to keep the game alive. It's no secret that bingo is a great social game. In the UK it is popular to go to a physical bingo hall and neither the online equivalent nor the iPhone app takes anything away from that community element. There is still the embedded chat facility that continues to allow the bingo players to chat in the open forum they know and love so much.

This is just a continuation of the online experience. Current players can use their already registered details to log onto the software after downloading and installing it onto their iPhone. This is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store. Since it is a new and groundbreaking product it is being promoted in TV campaigns with an added incentive of daily £1,000 jackpots for all of their new and existing customers

Claire Osbourne, head of bingo and games for says that this is a very logical next step for bingo which is already a community based game and for the iPhone designed specifically as a communication tool and that there will be a great focus on the mobile market. Already slot games are being played on the iPhone and this new bingo app has certainly given an advantage in the industry.

The iPhone app is very much like the online version, there are still all the functions that you would expect to find such as the ability to pre-purchase tickets or browse the games schedule. Looking at the app, everything about it is great, it is clear and the layout makes the games user friendly.

And these two great partners are not about to stop at the iPhone. There is much talk and surely much work on an android version of the same software that can be used on almost any smart phone. Bingo is now becoming a different game and can be carried in your back pocket to entertain and delight you in a busy world.