Benefits of Indian Casino Gaming in Arizona

The latest findings released by the Arizona Indian Gaming Association shows that Indian gaming has had a lot of benefits fro Arizona. This study was conducted by an economic consultant and expert Jonathon Taylor for the Taylor Policy Group, Inc.

Arizona Indian Gaming Association

The study showed that at least 15,000 people received jobs as a result of gaming facilities becoming established. This is a huge boost to the economy as tracked in the study. The study also showed that this number is more of an estimate, and actual Bureau of Labor Statistics would probably show closer to 22,000 people who received employment either directly or indirectly as a result of Indian gaming in the state. This employment statistic would be higher than those people employed within the logging and mining industry.

Actual Benefits

The study showed that not only were jobs created, but the Indian gaming industry in Arizona also generated about one billion dollars in revenue. This was in the form of increased income from labor, property and business taxes. The study also noted that the great thing about the jobs created is that it was in rural areas of the state which needed an economic boost. Overall, casino gaming was beneficial because it increased tourists, created jobs and brought investment to the areas that needed it.