Harrah's Cherokee Casino

Covid-19 has been popping up everywhere, and the casinos across the nation are no exception to this. You can expect to find that they have multiple cases, especially if they are not closing down. Harrah's Cherokee Casino was one of the first casinos to see a small outbreak happen in the past. Due to this, many of the casinos had to shut their doors next. The scare was something that many of the casinos did not want to worry about.

Unfortunately, shortly after this breakout, many of the casinos were told to shut down by government officials. Even though many were restricting the number of players inside them and sanitizing, they had to shut their doors to slow the virus's spread.

How Did Harrah's See Covid?

Known as a cluster, Harrah's in North Carolina found five of their employees tested positive for this virus. This happened within two weeks, and most of the other employees and those who have been inside the casino were told and should have been tested. This might have brought about more cases, but there is currently no information on those who might have caught the virus from this particular area.

Having investigated the case, though, many officials state that this might not have led to many other cases because the employees were not in very close contact with others in the casino. Health officials say a cluster as being five or more people within a workplace, school, or another public area regularly shared by the same people.

As times continue to move forward during this pandemic, many of the casinos that have or are opening up are under strict guidelines that they have to follow and are making sure to track and record those who come and go from the area. This is to ensure everyone's safety within the casino, but also within the country. The virus continues to be something that is being battled. It is important to keep this in mind when visiting anywhere. Safety precautions and good hygiene should be done.