Where Can I Find the Cheapest Buffet in Las Vegas?

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Literally every hotel on the Vegas strip offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets. If you want to find the cheapest buffet in Las Vegas, you can do so by checking Vegas Buffets online. Of course, you will no doubt want to enjoy your buffet breakfast at your hotel, but you can save quite a bit of money on lunch and dinner buffets at other hotels as well. Here is our list of the 10 cheapest buffets in Las Vegas. Be sure to call and check buffet schedules.

Circus Circus: Hands down, Circus Circus offers the cheapest dinner buffet in town at $25.99 - $27.99 per person.

Palms: Offering a fabulous buffet breakfast priced at $15.99, you can also have lunch for $16.99, and dinner for $21.99.

Excalibur: This hotel offers a buffet breakfast for $19.99; lunch for $20.99; and dinner for $24.49. There are special deals for children as well.

Imperial Palace: Here you can have a buffet breakfast for $18.25; lunch for $19.75; and dinner for $21.75.

Luxor Hotel: A buffet breakfast costs $19.99; lunch is $20.49; and dinner is $26.49. They have the largest salad bar and fresh fruit buffet in Vegas.

Riviera: Breakfast at this hotel runs $18.99 per person, with lunch priced at $19.99, and dinner for $22.99.

Tropicana Hotel: Offers an island brunch for $19.99 and dinner for $23.99. On Wednesdays, you can have the seafood buffet for $26.99.

Flamingo Hotel: Offers a garden brunch for $20.95 and a fabulous seafood and prime rib dinner for $25.95.

The Stratosphere: Here you can have a wonderful country breakfast buffet for $17.25, brunch for $18.99, and dinner for $21.99.

Westward Ho: Enjoy their buffet breakfast for the cost of $17.95 per person and/or a pasta dinner for $16.95 per person.