Joker Poker

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Joker Poker is another video Poker Game that uses wild cards, or wild card for this specific example. This game uses the standard 52 card deck plus one of the Jokers. And like any video poker game, Joker Poker possesses the excitement of a slots game and the strategically game play of a poker game. Dear Ladies, Joker Poker is easy to play and enjoy.e time provides a good chance of getting a huge payout. And like any video poker game, it provides a good chance of getting a huge payout and gives you the chance of doubling your winnings. Try yourself in Joker Poker by playing for fun or for real money at one of the best casino brands: This poker game and more other very interesting games for Ladies can be found in one of the bests online casino brands (see casinos review): Bovada Casino, Club World Casino, Lucky Red Casino.

In Joker Poker is so Easy to Play

To start a game you just place your bet and press the DEAL button. You could increase your bet to your liking or you may press BET MAX to wager with the maximum number of coins allowed, which is usually five (5) coins. After you have pressed the DEAL button the computer will deal five (5) cards in your hand. Once you have your five (5) cards you will then be asked to choose which card to keep and which card to get rid of. The cards that you have discarded will then be replaced by the computer. The five cards that you currently have will then be your final hand.

If your final hand is one of the winning hands, the computer will then display your payout amount on the screen. You may opt to double your winnings by pressing the DOUBLE button or collect your winnings to your stash. You may collect your winnings by pressing the COLLECT button.

Bet More, Win More in Joker Poker

The payout that you get from a winning hand is relative to the type of combination that you have and the number of coins that you have wagered. The lowest possible wager is one (1) coin and the highest would be five (5) coins. There is a fairly huge difference between payouts varying from the number of coins that you have wagered. It is usually advisable to bet more in order to win more.

When it comes to Joker Poker, you will get a payout equal to the same amount that you have wagered if you have a combination composed of a King or Better and a Two Pairs. The highest payout will be attained if you have arrived at a Natural Royal Flush combination, this Royal Flush is managed without using a wild card. A Royal Flush with a Joker has the third highest payout and the second highest payout goes to a Five of a Kind combination, which understandably needs a Joker to be completed.

Where to play Video Joker Poker

Dear Ladies, try yourself by playing this very interesting and easy poker game. You can download casino software and play Joker Poker at:

Club World Casino, Bovada Casino, Lucky Red Casino