Strip Blackjack

If you are an avid blackjack player, you may have heard about Vegas Strip Blackjack available at Bovada Casino. Basically, strip blackjack is regular blackjack with additional features designed to make the game more interesting.

How is Strip Blackjack Played?

Using six decks of cards, there are five playing positions to choose from, meaning that you can play up to five hands at the same time. The object of the game is the same as the standard blackjack, that is, getting 21 or as close to it while, at the same time, having a higher hand than the dealer.

Strip Blackjack Rules

Strip Blackjack Terms

Insurance: After the cards are dealt the dealer will sneak a "peek" at his cards to determine if he has blackjack. If the dealer is showing an ace, for example, you can take out insurance.

Split: If you are dealt a pair you may split your hand. This means that your pair is divided into two separate hands with two separate wagers. A second wager - equal to your original wager - is automatically placed on your second hand. Both hands are played as separate hands. Note you can split up to two times but not on aces.

Double: You can double your bet on the first two cards. Note, however, that you will only receive one card to finish off your hand.

Push: If you and the dealer both have 17 or higher, this is called a push. You don't lose the hand and the bet is returned.


There is a $2.00 minimum and a $200 maximum bet per hand. The payouts for winning hands are as follows: Winning hands pay 1 to 1; Insurance pays 2 to 1; and Blackjack pays 3 to 2.

Play Strip Blackjack at Bovada Casino

For an enjoyable and friendly game with a twist, join Bovada Casino and play Vegas Strip Blackjack!