Premier Roulette

If you thought that all online roulette games were the same then think again. Premier Roulette has been specially designed to give you that in casino feel for the game while you enjoy the comfort of your own home and computer. This game, which has become one of the most popular in online casinos worldwide, is really simple to play, lots of fun to wager on and offers some terrific winning opportunities. Many of the best online gambling sites such as 32 Red Online Casino offer a variety of roulette games, but if you get the chance to try Premier, give it a spin.

Rules Of The Game

When you first click on the screen for the game, which you can try out in free play mode until you want to move into placing wagers, you see a spinning roulette wheel as well as the table. You simply click on the chip size for your bet, then click on the red diamond or the black as well as odds or evens and select the numbers you want on the board.

When you have completed your wager and chosen your numbers you then hit spin. The game gives a very realistic casino roulette sound and your shown the winning combination as well as provided an audio and close up of where the roulette ball lands. You are then given your winnings based on the location of the ball in relation to your bets.

Turbo Charged

Premier Roulette offers gamblers the chance to adjust the speed of the game. This can be done by clicking on the spin options button on the lower right hand corner of the screen. By checking different play options you can speed up the game or slow it down. Normal mode allows you an additional five seconds to change your bet as the ball is dropped while turbo and super turbo immediately take you into the game without that extra five seconds to change a bet.

Displays and Winnings

The game itself is very self explanatory with a handy help button that details all the settings and options on the game. There is an undo, clear and repeat button that makes placing or changing your bet very easy. The history box in the top to middle right hand side of the game allows you to keep track of the winning combinations in the last rounds, helping you to consider future bets based on past winning combinations.

Flash Play

Premier Roulette offers games in both flash play and download versions so you can select the most convenient play option. If you look around on the web you can find several no deposit casinos accepting US players that have Premier Roulette or other types of roulette in their game options. It is a true gambling game and a terrific compliment to online casino offerings such as Crazy Pirate slots or Video Poker.