Video Poker Games

Are you feeling extra lucky? Try a few rounds of Video Poker and see just how much money that luck can win you!

Video Poker Prizes Plain and Simple

Video Poker has been popular for the past couple of decades and it isn't hard to see why. It has roughly the same 'feel' as regular poker because you still get hands from the dealer - represented by the computer, in this case - to try and make as good a poker hand as possible. The hands and their hierarchy of strength is the same in video poker as they are in regular poker.

However, winning money is a whole lot simpler in Video Poker. All you need to do is to wait for the right cards to come up and hold on to the ones which you think will win you a prize. There's no bluffing, slow-playing or other complex strategy with video poker; it's all just you, the cards and the money at stake.

Winning prizes in video poker comes so simply that you'll find it difficult to actually lose significant amounts of money even if you're not playing to win. You'll find yourself not only enjoying the many games and variants but also making quite a bit of money as well.

Video Poker is More Profitable than Just Poker

Although the rates do vary from casino to casino and even from machine to machine, the calculated payout rates for video poker games are very high, rarely dipping below a sky-high 90% rate. In comparison to poker, it's likely that you'll find video poker much more lucrative. Also, those numbers apply whether it's your first or four hundredth time to play. There's no experience or special training required for you to win big money at video poker.

The added features that come with many video poker games also help make video poker, in general, more profitable than just regular poker for you. Most video poker games have wild cards, multiplier cards and even bonus rounds, all of which will help your account balance in the long run. You're certainly not going to find those at the next poker table you visit. Those added video poker features also make the games a lot more exciting and enjoyable for you.

Video Poker Games are Recommended for Ladies

Where to Play Video Poker Games

It goes without saying that video poker is almost completely reliant on luck for you to win. In fact, you could even go so far so as to say that video poker is a variation of a slot machine game that uses cards as reel symbols. However, you can always improve your chances by employing a little common sense when playing a video poker game. Try that at your next pull on the slots.