Aces and Faces Poker

Aces and Faces is a video poker game. It has an easy, cool and smooth gameplay. You can call it your regular video poker game; because anybody can play the game. Similar to most online video poker games, this game's objective is to beat the machine with a better and more valuable hand.

The Game Introduction

Aces and Faces is a little bit different from the traditional poker game where the highest payout is given to a hand of four identical cards. Although it uses the complete 52-card deck, in Aces and Faces the highest payout is given to the combination of face cards and ace cards. The face cards include the Jack, Queen and King. The maximum game's payout is 4000 coins. This is an absolutely no frills game so do not expect Wild Symbols, Multipliers or Scatter symbols.

The game is also available in downloading version and flash version, in a play for fun and play for money mode so you would definitely enjoy the experience either ways. You can play as long as you want without paying anything.

Playing the Game Aces and Faces

Aces and Faces observe traditional poker basics. The game starts with you placing your bet. The betting format of this video poker is really simple. You can place a bet of $0.05 to $5.00. The machine accepts a maximum of 5 coins so a maximum bet may range from $0.25 to $25.00. The payout varies with the number of coins you place as your wager. If your bet is larger, your payouts are equally larger. The ironic thing about this though is that a lower bet can go further than large bets. The compromise then is to place a maximum bet using the smallest coin value. You will maximize your payout with a bet that can go further.

After placing your bet, the machine will deal you with five cards. You can choose to use these cards or opt to discard them. You can receive new cards in exchange for the ones that you discard. You will win if your final hand is higher than that of the dealer. You will be paid in accordance to the payout schedule for Aces and Faces. If you get four aces, the payout is 80 coins for a single coin bet. The face cards Queen and King would win you 40 coins for a single coin bet. Of course, with a 5-coin bet, you could win as much as 400 coins.

Where to Play Aces and Faces

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