Instant Mini Casino Games Online

An instant casino game is one that you can access immediately and do not have to waste precious time downloading the software to your computer. The games come up instantly and you can play them for fun or practice or for real money if you have become a member of the casino. Instant casino games come in all shapes and sizes and often are quite time consuming in that there are a number of rounds to play. Mini casino games are casino games that are mini versions of the full games which you can find at the leading casinos.

The Classic Mini-Roulette Game

There are a wide range of instant mini casino games that you can find on the internet which include all of the popular games. The mini description in the game basically means that they are more fast pace and quicker to play than the full game which you can also find at casinos. Mini Roulette is the most popular of the mini casino games and is a direct replica of the real Roulette game but instead of using 36 pockets on the wheel, there are only 13 pockets or numbers and an additional zero. Bets are placed in the same way using the betting grid which has also been made smaller to match the smaller wheel. Street bets, four bets, column bets and even split bets can all be placed when playing mini-Roulette. The odds are not quite the same as the main Roulette game; a split bet offers 5:1 and a 3 line bet offers 3:1. Mini Roulette is very easy to play and offers a practice mode in addition to the real money play mode. You can also zoom in on different items on your screen if you want a clearer view.

Mini Slots Games

Apart from mini Roulette which is the winning mini casino game, there are also mini versions of many well known slots games that can be played in flash mode with no download time. 3 reel mini slots include Triple 7 inferno and Diamond Mine which are both 1 payline machines. Many of the popular slots have also been adapted to mini slots for mobile phones and hand held devices allowing you to play wherever you are, as long as you have a 3G connection. Thunderstruck and Mega Moolah are amongst the popular mobile casino slots games that have been adapted for mini screens and mobile casinos.

Mini Screen Games

Video Poker, Blackjack and even Baccarat have also been adapted for mobile phone use into mini versions which allow you to play the games on the move wherever you are. The min Video Poker games are easy to follow and offer a number of versions but the most popular Jacks or Better is the main Video Poker game that can be found in mini versions. Blackjack which is one of the only casino games where you as the player can make a big difference is a perfect game for a mini screen and mini play as it can be played very quickly and with very little effort. In fact Blackjack provides a perfect quick respite to anyone's busy day.

The Convenience of Mini Games

The convenience of mini casino games speaks for itself, you don't have to be bogged down with the casino on your computer or if you are on the move, you have the opportunity to log into your favorite games and enjoy some fun casino gaming. Instant mini casino games are just beginning to take off but it seems they will have a long and well used time in front of them.