Tens or Better Poker

If you're looking for an online video poker game that is different from the traditional poker game, you should not look any further than Tens or Better Video Poker. Tens or Better does not have wild cards and it uses a single deck of 52 cards for each hand. What attracts numerous online players to this game is the huge payout. You can win huge prizes in an instant with Tens or Better. In fact, you could keep doubling your winnings every time you win a hand.

Betting, Hands and Payouts

Tens and Better is a standard poker game and it accepts a maximum five number of coins. You can choose the coin denomination you would like to use and how many coins you would like to place as wager.

Minimum bet: £1.25 Maximum bet: £25.00 (Or currency equivalent)

You can choose the coin value before each game. You can also change your coin size whenever you want.

Again, the game has no wild card but it gives huge payouts to winning combinations; and these include the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a Kind, Full, Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind, 2 Pairs, Pairs of tens or better. The game also gives a special prize for specific hands which include Aces or Eights 4 of a Kind, Sevens 4 of a Kind, and other types of 4-of a Kind.

There is a payout schedule for Tens and Better which you can refer to when playing the game. This would give you an idea which hands pay better. The maximum payout for Tens and Better is 4000 coins but you can get a bigger prize if your final hand is a Royal Flush and you have placed a maximum £25.00 bet.

Playing the Game

The game of Tens and Better is really exciting. It is a great variation of poker; and playing it online is a lot of fun. Of course, before you can actually experience the game, you would have to make sure the machine has credits on it which will be accordingly deducted from your casino account. You can then make your wager and then prompt the machine to deal you with cards which you can keep or discard. In the end, your payout will depend on your final hand. So, make sure that you end up with a strong hand. If you win, you can double your earnings with the game's doubling feature.

If you want an interesting game of poker, you should definitely try Tens and Better at Ladbrokes Casino.