eCOGRA is a nonprofit organization; it's an independent authority in the industry of internet gaming. This entity functions to oversee fair online gaming; player's protection, as well as being responsible to supervise the conduct of operators. eCOGRA functions in protecting those businesses who are involved in internet gaming industries that are legally authorized.

Punctual payment, secured storage on private details, random online games, responsible behaviors of casino online, honest promotional ads and the transparency of poker operators are of primary concern for fair gaming for all players, thus, it implies that they're of outmost importance to eCOGRA or E-commerce & Online Gaming Regulations & Assurance.

Casinos that have been authorized by eCOGRA:

Their goal is to deliver all players urgency on quality websites that carry eCOGRA with Secured & Fair seals. You need to keep on lookout for this seal every time you're playing at an online casino. When the seal is not in that site, it might not be a secured playing site. Directors will solely be responsible in identifying which of the software developers had been admitted by eCOGRA as members, as well as which of the operators had been qualified by this seal. If unlikely that an event develops when you play at a website approved by eCOGRA, they already developed the top class, quick and free dispute intermediation service. In addition, the fair games advocate exists, which is accessible in eCOGRA's websites.

An advocator has been available for players as a representative; it's designed in becoming your spokesperson and assures your questions, worries and inquiries are received in such a professional and prompt manner.

Players online will feel secured when they see a casino site which carries the seal of eCOGRA, they will feel secured and safe, thus results to peace in their minds and ultimate pleasure. Another goal of eCOGRA, will be in a voluntary regulation of online games industry with its very exhaustive process on reviewing casinos online or the room of poker. A player must keep on searching for eCOGRA's play safe seal, if they're visiting a casino site.

The basic philosophy in eCOGRA has been based upon the achievements of objectives for protection of players, responsible operators conduct, as well as fair industry games. Players of casino recognize this seal; they oversee it when their playing in a casino, ensuring that it is eCOGRA certified.

A casino online which features this seal has been authorized by eCOGRA, being safe in the internet gambling world. They have a continuous overseeing as well as checkups on the accredited operations on gambling casino sites, following the approval of eCOGRAs directors. The basis in order to get an approved seal from eCOGRA means lots of operations concerning anti fraud activities, payments for items, fair games and responsibility. This minister who was responsible for gambling in Gibraltar's government gave an approval stamp on eCOGRA. Having lots of additional seals being approved, lots of internet casinos that have a play safe seal now go beyond to over 100 and rising.

eCOGRA's main key responsibility is for the players to make a dependable attempt in resolving every problem concerning management on those sealed sites. A reason behind this will be due to the studies done which shows every argument or dispute has its end by resolving it with the person involved with an essential authority. When the dispute can't be resolved, or it can't reach something final to end one's complaint, eCOGRA has a complaint desk and it can be attended within 2 days time. The advocate of eCOGRA, which is Tex Rees has been responsible in this manner, she is experienced and has contacts on fast investigations whenever there's an issue. When decisions are opposed to sites, an immediate action will be required.

eCOGRA guarantees the player with a fair gaming experience and ensures that there is reasonable but fair competition amongst operators.