Let ‘Em Ride Poker

Let 'Em Ride Poker is virtually a five card poker which is a variation of the classic and popular game of poker. It is also known as Let Them Ride, Ride On Poker and Poker Ride. Similar to the new variations of online poker game, you do not play against other players when you play Let 'Em Ride, you actually play against the House. This is quite popular though among online veterans. Come and play Let 'Em Ride Poker at Liberty Slots Casino! LibertySlots Online Casino offers to players the opportunity to win big money and have fun while playing online. You can receive up to $100 FREE!, VIP Plan Rewards Program, Weekly Deposit Bonus and Loyalty Deposit Bonus!

Playing Let 'Em Ride Poker

In Let 'Em Ride, the player and the banker are given three and two cards respectively. The player should aim to get a hand that is higher than that of the dealers. Once the cards are dealt to the player and the dealer, the former would decide if he would raise his initial bet or if he would continue with the play with his current bet. The dealer would then show his first card. Once again, the player would decide if he would once again raise his bet or continue with his previous one. The dealer would then show his last card. The player's hand and the dealer's hand would be compared then and the player wins if he holds a higher hand. The player's hand basically consists of the three cards dealt to him and then two community cards or flop cards.

Let 'Em Ride uses a single deck of cards. The player wins if he has a pair of 10's or if he is holding a higher hand than the dealer. Otherwise, he loses. If he wins, his payout will be according to the online casino's Let 'Em Ride Payout Table.

Let 'Em Ride Progressive Jackpot and Side Bets

This game gives the player the prerogative to place a side bet. Placing a side bet allows you to win more. Usually the side bet allows you to win the progressive jackpot. Let 'Em Ride has a progressive jackpot where the player can win the progressive jackpot by making a side bet of $1. If he does not make this side bet, he will only win prizes from the standard pay table. An online casino offers huge payout for Let 'Em Ride progressive jackpot. A royal flush can give a player 100% payout. A straight flush can reward him a 10% payout. If a player holds a four of a kind, he could win $500. A full house, on the other hand, could win him $100 while a flush can give him $75.