Coping With A Losing Streak

Okay so we know that when we download and play slots games we're not going to be big money winners all the time. But winning and losing occasionally is not quite the same as finding yourself on a losing streak which doesn't seem to quit. What do you do when you find yourself in this position?

Check your playing budget carefully

Always keep an eye on your budget, however well or badly you might be doing. It's easy to keep trying to turn your luck and get on a winning streak instead. But you don't want to charge through your entire budget, or worse, go over the top of it instead.

Could it be time to quit for the day?

It can certainly be frustrating to continually lose money on slots. But you must accept that sometimes the odds are that you won't be able to win a game for a stretch of time.

Sometimes the best thing to do in these circumstances is simply to quit for the time being. Alternatively you could start playing for fun instead of trying to win back any money.

Could it be time to change to another site to see if you are luckier there?

Sometimes a change can be a good idea. Of course there is no guarantee that you will be any luckier but it can help to bring you out of the disappointment you might be feeling about a particular game. Remember that the machines are always weighted to favor the casino - otherwise they would be out of business and no one would be able to win!

Try finding another slots game through a site like for example - this can provide you with lots of alternatives to consider.

Try and stay positive if you can

Remember why you are playing slots in the first place. A lot of people simply play for fun and they recognize that winning all the time is impossible. And remember that sooner or later your luck will swing back in the opposite direction again.

If you aren't feeling lucky at the moment, the best thing is often simply to quit and do something else for a while. For instance why not try craps or bingo for a while instead? You might even find a new favorite game to try.

And when you come back to playing the slots again you will hopefully end up with a little more luck coming in your direction once more.