Reality TV

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Gamblers come from all walks of life; from small towns to metropolitan cities; from the US or worldwide. They all share one common thread - they gamble at online and land-based casinos. A sector of these bets involve sports, albeit baseball, football, soccer, hockey, boxing, and tennis. However, there is a new and interesting phenomenon that has surfaced in the betting arena - and that is reality TV. In a recent article about reality TV, the X Factor TV show was mentioned as one in which gambling operators realized a significance increase in online betting based on who would be the winners of the show.

The article went on to say that one casino had betting odds of 150-1 on the X Factor winners. It was also quite surprising to find that online casino operators also pulled in quite a large sum for bets placed on who would be voted out on the TV series Big Brother. One casino stated they earned as much as 6 million dollars in revenue just from this one show alone.

The fact that bookies are offering odds on these shows says a great deal about how the online casino industry has influenced betting, especially as it relates to Reality TV. If you consider the number of highly popular reality shows on TV these days, you can certainly imagine the revenue for this particular type of betting can be staggering.

As it turns out, one of the most popular TV shows, American Idol, is the one show in which online gambling sites are gearing up to post odds. In fact, there is even a "how to bet on American Idol online site! As we continued our research, we found one site - which happens to be one of our recommended online casinos - Bodog, actually offers movie and TV odds on their Sportsbook site. Some of the categories include: the 2010 Golden Globe Awards, and also one item that is being played out as we speak - What will Conan O'Brien's status be on March 1st 2010?

Thus, we have concluded, betting on just about every conceivable news item or reality TV show exists to the delight of online casinos that feature live betting. To some degree we shouldn't be surprised, but yet it poses the question: What won't players bet on? Obviously, just about everything that goes on in this world will have odds attached to it.

Regardless of how it increases online revenue, the fact is that when you seriously think about it - one has to wonder if it's a good thing. Imagine for a moment that you are having a baby. How appropriate would it be for family members or friends to bet on the sex of the child? How far will this betting phenomenon go?

This is a topic needs to be addressed further, but at the moment Ladies Slots is presenting it to you with the hope that further discussion will provide a clear understanding of what it all means.