In an attempt to service customers better and to keep up with the current trends, many online casinos are now making MyPaylinQ part of their selection for depositing and withdrawing funds. Getting a MyPaylinQ account is pretty easy. Just go to and click the Apply Now button and you will be guided through the quick registration process. Once you complete this part then you will get a confirmation email with a link to verify your identity and activate your account. Within just a few minutes your account will be live and ready to go. Then, simply wait for another email that includes your login in and password information.

Global Availability

After that you need to transfer cash into your MyPaylinQ account and once you do that you can the put funds into your choice of casinos that accept MyPaylinQ. One great thing about this method is that it is recognized and accepted on a global basis plus in the United States. There is no limit on what you can transfer to and from your MyPaylinQ account as long as your funds are adequate and available. There could, however be some restrictions on the amount that you are allowed to deposit and withdraw from particular casinos. There really are quite a few convenient funding options such as bank debit cards, personal checking accounts, major credit cards, Ukash vouchers, Western Union and prepaid cards. Some restrictions may apply with these methods.

MyPaylinQ Transaction Limits

Customers that are new to MyPaylinQ are automatically allowed an immediate $100 credit card deposit but after that you will have to provide ID. To do this you will have to either email or fax a copy of a picture ID that is valid. After this is taken care of you will be allowed to increase your activity. Transactions are secure and easy using MyPaylinQ. Transactions are also immediate and the funds may be used instantly. Even better news is that for you to transfer funds from or to online casinos there is no charge however, depositing and withdrawing can have some minor fees associated with it. Fees range from 6% to 7.5%, depending on the funding option you choose to use.

MyPaylinQ Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7/365 and is completely secure and top rate. Check out what MyPaylinQ has on offer for you! Why not make all of your banking transactions as easy as this?