PaySafeCard: A New Payment Method for Players

As banking options continue to dwindle at online casinos, new methods are beginning to take hold to allow players to make transactions without having to rely on banking institutions or credit cards. One such method is called PaySafeCard.

PaySafeCard has become a popular alternative to fund online casinos. The reason is that it does not require a player to use a credit card or go through a bank to fund their online casino account. The PaySafeCard is a prepaid voucher that can be purchased through retail outlets.

Available at more than 20,000 outlets in the UK and over 200,000 outlets servicing more than 20 countries, PaySafeCard is easy to use. All players have to do is go to enter their postal pin number on the PaySafeCard website in order to locate an outlet in their area.

Once that is achieved, players can then fund their online casino accounts in their own currency. In addition, to ensure safety and security, PaySafeCard will allow players to use a special password which can be entered at online casinos to access the funds in their account.

PaySafeCard also offers free vouchers, bonuses, and rewards to players from online casinos who accept this form of payment: