Tips for Winning at Land-based Casinos

Every player who visits a casino wants to win, if that happened then the casinos would go out of business very quickly. Winning that progressive jackpot is a dream for many people, certainly its an attractive draw card to get the feet through the doors for casinos.

Before going to a casino its a good idea to consider some strategies so that you can reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning, lets take a look and see how you can improve your odds against the casino.

Look at the machines on the casino floor and find the ones that pay back 95 to 99% of the coins you play. You will find that these slot machines require you play a higher denomination. Check the machines that play for a dollar a spin, they usually pay out the higher percentage. Once you have chosen your machine to play then set a loss number, a loss number is a number of spins you will play to determine if you hit a winning combination or not, choose a number of say 8 or 10 and if you don't have a win then move on to then next machine, or even the next casino if necessary.

It can never be said enough. Set a limit to the amount you are prepared to spend and not spend a penny more. Chasing a win when you have reached your limit is foolhardy and rarely results in getting your money back let alone come out winning. Never allow pride to rule your head, know when to quit for the day.

In some casinos the operators place machines that are set to win more often to attract players to play more at their casinos. Get to know a friendly employee and ask them which machines are 'loose', don't forget to offer them a cut if you hit a good win. In the absence of a friendly staff member here are some places to look:

  • Near the change booths
  • Near the cashiers
  • Check machines that have huge prizes they attract more players
  • Machines that are near coffee bars, snack bars and cafe's
  • Check the machines that are near the 'crosswalks', that is the cross sections between the different areas of the slot machines.

One thing that will show where the loose machines are is the number of people who are gathered around these machines and the sound of winnings falling.

A good time to hit the casino is early morning or late at night when there is not such a big crowd and you have a better chance at those loose machines.

Most of all have fun, know your limits and quit when you are ahead.