Players Can Stay Free at Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

Horse Racing Betting

Big spenders at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland do not have to worry about hotel accommodation when they play at this casino. Casino owners are giving away up to approximately 200 rooms tax free to any of its high rollers. The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland is also under the same ownership, Rock Ohio Caesars, as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Casino Tax Exemption

However, the city of Cleveland does not like this idea. The Horseshoe Hotel Casino is able to save paying tax money by using an exemption that is reserved for single lodgers who stay more than 30 days. City officials believe that the casino hotel should not be able to take advantage of this exemption. By using the exemption, the city said that Rock Ohio Caesars is stating they are a long-term tenant company. The city finance director Sharon Dumas does not agree. She feels that a hotel in which people are checking in and out of all the time should be taxed and not claim exemption.

Potential City Revenue

The city wants to tax 100 of these rooms. By doing so, it is estimated that the revenue generated will be the equivalent of $30,000 per month for the city. However, because of old laws still on the books, it is not possible for a tax to be levied, and the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland can go on claiming the exemption. Casino representatives and city officials are hoping an agreement can be reached.