Newfoundland Firm Gets Contract for Belize Online Gambling

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Cape Breton is situated in Labrador and Newfoundland, Canada, this is an area where jobs are hard to find. A report in the daily newspaper has reported that a local company Saratoga Oceanic Development Group Inc, New Watford is to create jobs.

The company’s owner, Neil Rideout has said that the company had won the contract that is worth about $1 million to build an gaming system for online gaming for a company based in Belize, called Lions Gaming, Inc. It is expected that the project would create 10 programming jobs for a start in New Waterford. However, they don’t have place to accommodate them and might have to relocate them off island until accommodation has been made available for them. The accommodation will need to be high technology for housing the programmers.

The contract has a ‘small window’ for completion of the project, and that they feel confident that they would be able to complete it in 90 days. Mr. Rrideout said that the company was orchestrating the architecture of the project and they will make sure that it ‘stable, robust with a nice shell around it’ and that Lions Gaming will be a leader and foremost company in online gaming in Belize.

Saratoga Oceanic Development group Inc. is to provide the software development, security, consulting and maintenance, the facility could potentially be able to service about 250,000 clients, which could include poker and sports betting.

The development company opened its doors 10 years ago and has been a leader in multi-cast video conferencing as well as advanced and reliable types of content delivery. They have offices in Australia, Germany and the USA. Credit was given by Mr. Rideout to Revenue Canada’s scientific research And the experimental development tax incentive programme for their assistance with their company. Revenue Canada is a government organization that is amazing and there for companies - he said it was unbelievable what they had done for their company.