New Xbox 360 Is An Online Gamblers' Dream Gaming Console

The Incredible Hulk Slots (Playtech)

For many online gamers it does not get much better than the new Xbox 360. This gaming console allows online gamers to go online and compete against some of their friends while still playing their favorite games. In an attempt to remain competitive, both PlayStation and Xbox have raised the bar, allowing many gamblers to lay money stakes on their video game skills. Just allowing Internet access through these gaming consoles is huge. Online gamers do not need a meeting place or anything other than Internet access and they can even go as far as establishing a gaming league...everything can be done online. Now players can wager money against their own performance rather than being at the mercy of any team. Looking at it from this perspective could overturn some legal restrictions that currently exist. The new Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act never comes close to saying that betting on an Xbox match is illegal so this could be very interesting indeed.