Wheel of Fortune Winners

Dreams are now true to the loyal players of Harrah’s Casinos. Texas winner, Susan, had won $6.7 million plus in the “Wheel of Fortune’s” quarter mega jackpot on Harrah’s Lake Tahoe. There’s Rolynda L. who won in the slots event and got a jackpot amounting to $500, she’s very thrilled and was really shocked at first and then became super excited. She said: Super Slots became such a nice place to get cash and have fun too. Then Sharon S. bet off just $15 for the slots and won a $7,500 prize. Like other winners, she couldn’t totally believe that she won this prize. She needed to view that screen for several times just to believe that she won that prize. After getting the prize, she purchased new furniture for her recently purchased house. She really enjoys playing slots in Super Slots, and especially when you win. As she told, life never feels that great when you win a prize. There’s also Ronda Lee P who bet $15 in Superslots Casino and then won $10k in prize. She keeps on playing and she gets day to day rewards. Most casinos do no have a reward per dollar that you’ve played, Super Slots do. Slots really are a thrilling game to play, aside from getting lots of money; you’ll be having so much fun too. Here are some of the strategies to win in slots.

  • Control your cash expenditure – this will be the initial and the very crucial thing you need to do. People love winning in slots, but just think it over, ask yourself how much money can I let go if I lose now. It enables you to take control of your budget if it isn’t your lucky day.
  • Choosing the casino site – you’ve probably are aware that casino sites got their specific pay rates, money amounts they have to pay back to their customers. Try to figure out what’s the promised payout percentage of the casino site you want to go to. Then get the players opinion via casino forums or in board messages. There’s a payout percentage of up to 95%. Try comparing that of Las Vegas slots which typically pay up to 85-90%. It is recommended to play in sites that have above a 95% payout.

An informed gambler is a happy gambler. Good luck.