A Switch In Time Slots

A Switch In Time Slots

There are not enough superlatives to describe A Switch in Time Slots; it is, in a word - amazing! Based on the movie The Time Machine, you can register at Ruby Royal Casino and begin playing A Switch In Time I-Slots game by Rival. To begin with, the entire slot machine is filled with beautifully designed graphics, but was most mesmerizing was the sound effects. There is a consistent beat that is cleverly set to the rhythm of the reels. It takes a few seconds to become one with the beat and when you hit a winning combination, a one-note sound emphasizes the win.

The Stats

A Switch in Time slots is a 5-reel, 20-payline bonus video I-slot that anyone within a budget can play. With a coin size ranging from $.01 to $.10, the jackpot is 6789 coins. The symbols are incredible and reflect all of the props you may have seen in the movie version. From the large clock at the top of the slot that winds with each win, to the other symbols including: the Hourglass, the Time Machine, a Woman, a Man, a Pocket Watch, a large Clock, a Motor-car, Books, Glasses, Drinks, and a Chest. Every symbol plays a role in this game, and when appearing in a winning combination - you will hear ticking clocks, chests will open revealing tools, and pocket watches will begin to move forward quite fast. When the large clock appears, the entire slot machine becomes a symphony of ticking, fast winding clocks.

The Symbols

The Woman is quite shy as she stands in front of a mirror, but she is an important member of the cast. She is the scatter symbol. When she appears 5 times, you win up to 78 free spins accompanies by a 9x multiplier. But, if she appears 3 times, you can win 12 free spins with a 3x multiplier; and if she appears 4 times, she pays out 45 free spins with a 6x multiplier.

The second important symbol is the Hourglass symbol. It is wild and also acts as a multiplier. The wild has a 2x multiplier during normal play, and a 3x multiplier during the free spins round. In addition, it expands to cover all 3 reels contributing to winning combinations across the board. The Hourglass can pay out up to 6789 coins!

The major symbol in this game is the time machine and is also the trigger that will activate the bonus round when you get 3 or more time machine symbols.

The Bonus Game Takes You Back or Forward in Time

When you get 3 or more time machine symbols, the spin button becomes the bonus button. Once you click on it, another screen appears and a white scroll from the top of the slot machine unfolds. There is a message on the scroll that states: "Take the Controls of the Time Machine! Press the buttons to control the time machine. Certain button combinations determine whether you visit the Past or the Future. There is the word Start at the bottom of the scroll. Click on start the scroll disappears revealing an apparatus with 15 buttons. Your mission is to begin clicking on as many buttons as possible. After which a scroll appears stating you have won a specific number of coins. Note that each button takes you to a year in time (either the past or the future), when the total number of coins are revealed, that is the year the time machine has taken you to. Example: if you have won 13,800 coins, you will be transported to the year 13,800 BC - the land before time.

Back in Time

Once the coins are paid out, a brand new slot machine appears reflecting the year 13,800 BC and consists of another set of symbols including: dinosaurs, cavemen, primitive weapons, a camp fire, and tools. Read the paytable as it will have a different set of winning combinations, wild symbols, and scatters. When you get to the bonus round again by getting 3 or more time machine symbols, you will be able to play the T-Rex Bonus game. Once again, a scroll appears stating: Trek Attack Bonus Game. Help your friends protect their village from attack. Choose from a pistol, spear and torch. The more T-Rexes you are able to fend off, the more you will earn. But watch out, they fight back! Click on start to begin the bonus round.

We won't reveal this bonus round game as it is absolutely amazing, and we want you to be as surprised as we were. Suffice to say, you will be floored by it. Once you have carried out the deed, the game will end.

Back to the Present

A Switch in Time Slots is like no other game we have come across. It is engaging, interactive, easy to play, very user friendly, and the paytable is clear and concise. All we can tell you is that if you want to play a game that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, join Ruby Royal Casino and play A Switch in Time Slots. It is AWESOME!