X Marks the Spot Slots

Pirates search for treasures and they do not let anything or anyone stop them from their great finds. Even with one eye patched nothing gets in their way of the X. Now is your chance to be that pirate and finally find your treasure! Brought to you by Wager Gaming Technology, X Marks the Spot Slots puts you in control of your destiny. Arrrr, matey! "X" always marks the location of the secret booty.

With X Marks the Spot Slots you will take a step back into the island of Tortuga, St. John's or Barbados to get your hands on a handsome pirate's ransom! The graphics and the music are remarkable.

X Marks the Spot Slots information

X Marks the Spot Slots has five reels plus 20 pay lines. Coin values are from .01 to $10 for a wide range of play. Perk up your odds winning big by capitalizing on the number of coins that you play with.

The pirate symbol is the Wild Symbol and will obviously get you the biggest treasures! You can assemble winning combinations by swapping them with the Wild Symbol…with the exception of the Scatter and the Bonus Symbols. The Cannon Symbol is the Scatter.

Get three Scatters anywhere to lock in a winning combination and get 15 Free Spins! Take advantage of the triple payouts during Free Spins! What pirate adventure would be complete without a map? In X Marks the Spot Slots the map is the Bonus Symbol. If it appears in the reel one, three, and five, you will journey to the X Marks the Spot Slots Bonus Round. To get to the Bonus Round simply get three Bonus symbols on these pay-lines.

During the Bonus Game you will see a number of X's on the map and you must use your valuable pirate's intuition to pick the X that will reveal the best booty! Trying to find the pirate treasure, are ye? After the prize has been discovered choose to collect or give it back for a key to a treasure chest.

Of course how much you bet is going to be dependent on how much you can win. Betting $10 on every pay line could win you the jackpot of $40,000. Some of the other themed symbols include a golden treasure chest, the silhouette of a pirate ship, the parrot, a steel hook, a monkey, a case of liquor, the eye patch, and cannon.