Jurassic Slots

Wager Gaming Technology is the mother of many of the very best slot games on the online gaming scene, and Jurassic Slots is their latest entry into that scene. Drawing on a dinosaur theme drawn from some popular movies wherein dinosaurs were recreated in the 20th century, Jurassic Slots gives players the opportunity to visit an extreme dinosaur theme park, and win some cash while they are at it.


The images used as symbols on Jurassic Slots are those of the age of dinosaurs. Stegosaurus, velociraptors, triceratops and pterodactyls all come to life in Jurassic Slots. Additionally, there is a helicopter, a piece of amber, a big-game hunting woman and a nest of dino-eggs.

The dinosaur eggs serve as the scatter symbol: When players see two or more of them in the play field, free spins are won. The more eggs that come up, the more free spins are won. Furthermore, more free spins may be won during the free spin portion of the game, making for some truly dino-sized winnings!

The helicopters are the scatter symbols, bring big prizes with bonus rounds where the dough can really add up.

You will notice missing from Jurassic Slots any of the typical card index symbols that are so common on slot machines. This ends up giving the game a much more complete and finished look than many that rely on the 9/10/J/Q/K series that is so common on the online slot games.


25 paylines and coin values ranging from a single penny all the way up to $10 make Jurassic Slots adaptable to all levels of slot player. Betting the maximum number of lines, players may wager between 25¢ and $250 per play, making this game suitable for all from the casual weeknight player all the way to the serious high roller.

The bonus game alone is worth as much as $7650, but the winnings only start there! Playing at the $10 coin level opens the maximum jackpot of $50,000 - a truly tyrannosaurus sized prize.

A Dino-Sized Game

Jurassic Slots, while aimed at fans of the dinosaur movies, is not exclusively for them. This is a terrific looking slot game with opportunity for spectacular winnings. The look and feel of the game is purely Wager Gaming, and players will not be disappointed. They are getting all the glitz and glamour that they expect from Wager Gaming games along with an easy user interface and lots of reel-spinning excitement.

Have a Dino-Time with Jurassic Slots!

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