Woods Rejects Paddy Power Offer

Paddy Power Casino

Online betting is big business. With Lincoln Casino, Slots.LV Casino, Bovada Casino and much more besides, the addition of a big name sponsorship deal would be good news for any online betting site.

A potential $75 million deal on the table for Woods

This is the figure apparently offered by Paddy Power, although no one is telling for sure. But whatever the deal was Woods turned it down.

However Paddy Power will not be so easily beaten. They are purported to have renewed their offer with a higher sum in mind, so we’ll see whether it is enough to tempt Tiger into signing.

What does Paddy Power concentrate on?

Their main site focuses on the likes of sports betting rather than anything else. But they also run an real deal slots.

It is not known whether any successful deal would involve sponsorship of the casino games as well as the sporting side of the website. But surely a deal would be tempting, since Woods has lost out on many of his other sponsorship deals since his real life problems came out last year.

Revised offer kept a close secret by Paddy Power

You can’t blame them for keeping details of the new offer a closely guarded secret. Paddy Power is obviously disappointed at having been knocked back after having talks with the management company working on Woods’ behalf.

But they are not beaten yet. Talks are said to be continuing and the new offer will probably be made soon. Tiger Woods could yet be the new face of Paddy Power.

Two strikes and they are out?

The one thing we aren’t sure of is whether Paddy Power would go for a third attempt at a deal if the second offer was turned down. The fact that talks are continuing must be a positive sign, but it remains to be seen how positive.

Whatever kind of online betting you opt for – you might visit Paddy Power’s casino one day and see Tiger Woods’ face beaming back at you.