Shaaark! Slots

Shaaark! Slots

With fun cartoon graphics and a pace like a great white attack, Shaaark! is one of the hottest new machines to hit the online gaming world. The biggest difference between Shaaark! and a great white attack is probably the fact the last thing that you want is for a real shark to attack, but when Shaaark! attacks, bonuses are imminent, and the fun is just beginning! Play Shaaark! Slots at Liberty Slots Casino.

Shaaark! Symbols

Shaaark! uses all the familiar poker symbols, typical on slot machines, including the ten, jack, queen, king and ace. These symbols award smaller prizes ranging from five coins up to 150 coins. During bonus rounds, however, these values will double, making the base combinations worth up to 300 coins.

In addition to the poker-card symbols, this game includes several game specific symbols. The first is a warning sign, worth 200 coins when it comes up five times. The second, a seal that will win you 250 coins for five, and finally there is a lonely guy floating in an inner-tube that is worth 1000 coins for five! For two, three or four matches, smaller prizes are awarded for these symbols ranging from 15 to 250 coins.

And then, looming in the distance like a great white waiting to attack, is the Jaws symbol. Jaws is a wild card and will win you a bundle if it comes up in multiples!

Jaws and Shark Fin Scatter Symbols

These are the symbols that you are looking for. The Shark Fin is a scatter that will score you ten free spins. And more free spins will come with the bonus rounds start showing up.

While your free spins are spinning, keep an eye out for a shark on the screen. When the shark shows up, it acts as a wild card and the winning starts happening in earnest. And, while the free games are being played, all prizes are doubled, and the coins really rack up, with a potential 4000 coin prize that may end up being doubled!

A Great Game for Everyone

Shaaark! Is a fun and approachable game for new slot players, yet it is exciting enough for the most advanced. Players can set the coin value to denominations ranging from 1¢ all the way up to $30. Betting on all lines that means that players can wager between 20¢ to $600 per spin - there is enough range in there for the most timid to the highest rolling players to find their play level.

Go Shaaark! Hunting Today!

Shaaark! Slots is available at Liberty Slots Casino. Give this exciting and lighthearted new slot game a try at your favorite online casino now!