Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail Slots

Treasure Trail Slots may only be a 3 reel classic slots game but it has plenty of action and plenty of chances to win within its 3 reels. As you would imagine the them of the Treasure Trail slot is a of course treasure, and the screen that is presented to is on a background of a treasure island with a trail lending to the x point, the famous X that marks the spot.

Follow the X for Maximum Wins and the Multiplying Feature

X is an important feature to remember when playing Treasure Trail slots as it is also the wild symbol in this game. When the X lands anywhere on your single payline it automatically doubles the win for that payline. In addition the X is the key to the top win. When three X's land on a row you win the maximum jackpot for the number of coins you have placed in the bet. When playing Treasure trail slots you can place from 1 to 3 coins per spin.

Maximum Coins Bet Brings Maximum Wins

Treasure Trail slots has a set coin size which is $2 but you can place up to 3 coins per spin. Of course the maximum coins bring with it the potential to win the maximum jackpot but also the progressive jackpot in the case of Treasure Trail slots. You will notice on the pay board that the best payouts are of course when you bet the maximum number of coins. When you bet the maximum number of coins, 3, and manage to land three X's you win the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot constantly grows and is a result of the number of players that are playing Treasure Trail slots at any one time. A small portion of each bet is taken and put into the progressive jackpot pot.

Clear Charts on Screen to Show Potential Wins

All of the winning combinations that are possible when playing Treasure Trail slots are detailed above the reels and here you can also see a display of the different symbols which are used in the game. The symbols include a treasure chest, skull and crossbones, gold bars, telescopes and even a red parrot head to remind us of the Pirate king. Treasure Trail slots is colorful and exciting and provide hours of fun and excitement for every player that joins together with the chance to win the fantastic and constantly growing progressive jackpot.