Major Millions Slots

Ladies Slots has already documented a big winner who played Major Millions Slots and won £1 million, which in and of itself is a life altering event. Now we would like to showcase this fantastic progressive slot game as online players continue to hit it big at Microgaming casinos.

Major Millions Slots Game Facts

A 5-reel, 15-payline progressive video slot game with a second jackpot of 8000 coins, Major Millions has a military theme with stunning symbols. Included are: The Major, Battleship, Plane, Tank, Top Secret Envelope, Medals, Majors Hat, Ammo Box, and Binoculars. Each of these symbols plays a role in winning the more than 30 combinations available. Another benefit in playing Major Millions is that it is a 20¢ slot game. Betting the maximum of 15 coins, the total amount you can wager is $3. This is absolutely ideal for penny slot players!

Bonus Slot Machines

Major Millions is one of the best slot machines with bonus rounds online. The Major Millions Logo is the wild symbol and also a multiplier. This means when it appears you can win 3x your trigger bet. In addition, the Scatter Explosion is the scatter symbol, and can pay 50x your bet when it appears on all 5 reels!

Play Major Millions Slots Now!

If you want the excitement and thrill of playing one of the most lucrative progressive jackpots online today, download and play Major Millions Slots now! Who knows, you may find your name listed in our winner's circle quite soon!